#HelpUkraine with your artwork

Part of revenues from all sales of StayWithUkraine.eu will be transferred automatically to Ukrainian charity organization СomebackAlive.

#For artists

If you have original artworks which express attitude to actual situation in Ukraine, you are welcome to collaboration with #StayWithUkraine.eu

Your creative artworks will be printed on suitable media like T-Shorts, Bags, Hoodies etc.

Products with your artworks will be available in this shop.

Credentials on author

You’ll receive royalty from sales. Of course, you can arrange that your royalty will be transferred to support of charity organizations in Ukraine. We advice to share profit (after excluding all production and delivery costs) in three parts: one part – for artist, second one will be sent to Ukrainian charity organization, third one – for maintenance of project.

You can also advice us the price for end-users.

Unfortunately we can’t pay any royalty for artist participation in advance.

Original artwork created by you. All rights should belong to artist. For production and distribution of your creative artwork you need to give us exclusively rights for using, editing and distribution for commercial purposes

Artworks must be created with slogans #StandWithUkraine, #StayWithUkraine, #HelpUkraine, #SupportUkraine and do not have any call to violence and discrimination by any criteria.

Technically it is possible to keep only 25 artworks. If artwork has low demand for some period, we can stop to offer it in the shop.

We keep rights to decline artworks without explanation of any reason.

File formats: .png .tif .jpg .pdf .psd .cdr etc

Size: min 270 х 270 mm

Resolution: min 600 dpi

Color model: CMYK